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ManuD Group serves different market sectors through several companies created since 2008

The changes that have occurred since the beginning of its trajectory in the economy and health, which have had a decisive impact on economies, consumption patterns and daily life, in all areas of society and industry, forced us to react in order to maintain our business pulse and continue on our path.

As a result, we have been opening opportunities in different business activities that make us continue to believe that the commitment and effort always pay off.



ManuD s.l.

Was the beginning and was established in 2008 to meet the needs of specialized integration in the industrial and military electronics sector, collaborating with clients that exported their products to Latin America and Asia.

ManuD Vietnam JSC

It started in Hanoi in 2018 to meet the needs of technology transfer to Vietnam in the education, health and transport sectors. Then we have developed investment consulting activity in a country with great growth in Asia.


It was the bet in 2020 that put a brand with its own style on the consumer electronics market that customers have been supporting for its design, performance and quality.

ManuD Trading

It responds to the need for commercialization of import and export of products between the EU and Vietnam supported by the free trade agreement, EVFTA, between both zones.

One Plus One VN Ltd

Is a provider of solutions for trade and industry that became necessary in our activity in Vietnam to meet the needs of some customers within and outside the country.

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