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Our professional services make available the knowledge and skills of our employees, often on an assignment basis, where an individual or team is responsible for the delivery of services to the client. These professional services comprise several occupations, which provide support to businesses of several industries in many sizes.

To accomplish this goal, we are looking for continuous feedback from customers to deliver high quality goods or services.

Golf y negocios

Golf business

In Spain, the fusion between business and golf has become very relevant. High-quality golf courses not only offer a tranquil environment to enjoy this exciting sport but have also become strategic places for business meetings.

Businessmen and professionals take advantage of the opportunity to share moments in a relaxed environment, conducive to informal discussions and establishing business connections. This unique combination of business and golf reflects the Spanish lifestyle, where work and pleasure converge harmoniously on the country’s beautiful golf courses.

Study abroad & Job

The phenomenon, known as International Mobility, offers the possibility of acquiring a diverse and multicultural education, allowing individuals to develop valuable cross-cultural skills.

By obtaining an education in another country, students can access unique perspectives, cross-cultural experiences and a wide network of international contacts. This approach not only enriches their academic knowledge, but also gives them a competitive edge in the global job market.

On the other hand, choosing to work in a country other than the country of education can open new professional doors and offer work experience in diverse environments. Professionals who have studied abroad often find that their international background is highly valued by employers, as it demonstrates adaptability, language skills and a global mindset.

Servicios de Educación y Empleo
Servicios Golden Visa

Golden Visa

Spain offers a residence for foreign investors, also known as Golden Visa, which allows to obtain a renewable residence permit, in exchange for the purchase of a property or investment in shares of Spanish companies, investment funds, bank deposits or government bonds. investment in shares of Spanish companies, investment funds, bank deposits or government bonds. After maintaining the investment for a period of 5 years, the investor can apply for permanent residence.

The benefits of the Spanish Golden Visa are:

  • Residence in the entire Schengen zone for the investor, spouse and children
  • Possibility to work and study in Spain
  • Facilities for obtaining Spanish citizenship after obtaining permanent residency

Invest in Vietnam

With positive macroeconomic indicators and a number of active trade agreements, Vietnam is positioned as a recommended medium- and long-term destination in key industries such as electronics, textiles and tourism.

Its main manufacturing and business centers are Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang. The government offers preferential regulations in its various special economic zones.

A market of 96 million inhabitants, with a thriving emerging middle class and high domestic consumption. Economic and political stability with a government favorable to foreign investment. Competitive and young labor force. Attractive manufacturing costs. Accelerated infrastructure expansion in sectors such as energy, telecommunications and real estate.

Invertir en Vietnam
Invertir en Cuba

Invest in Cuba

While significant challenges remain due to the island’s financial and trade restrictions, Cuba offers unique conditions due to its location, natural resources, legal security and human assets.And despite the U.S. economic embargo, Cuba continues to experience a growing openness and particularly openness to foreign investment with important sectors of opportunity aimed essentially at satisfying the needs of the domestic market.

The Cuban government has implemented economic reforms to encourage foreign investment, offering incentives and establishing special development zones. The main sectors of opportunity are agri-food, tourism, renewable energies, transportation and infrastructure.

The labor force is skilled and low-cost, the Cuban educational system is highly valued internationally, and the island grants temporary tax incentives on profit tax.

Investing in Cuba provides the opportunity to participate in the country’s economic development and contribute to the strengthening of trade relations. However, it is essential to understand the complexity of the business environment and work in collaboration with local partners to ensure long-term success.

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