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Our professional services make available the knowledge and skills of our employees, often on an assignment basis, where an individual or team is responsible for the delivery of services to the client. These professional services comprise several occupations, which provide support to businesses of several industries in many sizes.

To accomplish this goal, we are looking for continuous feedback from customers to deliver high quality goods or services.

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Vietnam continues to showcase strong growth patterns leading investors to favorably consider the country as a solid investment destination. Vietnam adopted an amended Law on Enterprises and Law on Investment. Both laws are timely given the passage of new free trade agreements with the EU and the ASEAN. The amended Law on Enterprises simplifies the business registration process and redefines state-owned enterprise. Both laws are timely given the passage of new free trade agreements. The amended Law on Investment provides updates on conditional business lines, investment incentives, support mechanisms while removing administrative approval for certain types of investment projects. These changes underline the government’s efforts to further improve Vietnam’s business environment.

In Vietnam we cooperate with different local partners to provid this service in different areas, 

  • Energy projects
  • Bio pharmacy license
  • Merges & Acquisitions


Yet, choosing to relocate operations to Vietnam will not be without its share of challenges.

Manufacturers must plan how to realign their supply chains, which production elements to relocate and the ideal entry strategy. While Vietnam cannot replace all of China’s production, it has attracted a significant number of firms looking at alternatives due to China’s rising costs.

Vietnam is among the top locations in Southeast Asia for foreign investors looking to relocate or supplement their China operations. However Vietnam can be a challenging market. In the short-term, manufacturers may find the production shift daunting as supply chains have to realign. Companies often struggle to decide what to relocate and where they will establish operations within the country.

And here is where we can support thanks to our successful experience.

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The US-China trade conflicts was already forcing businesses to rethink business strategies and investment plans. Foreign companies outsourcing operations to reduce costs and improve market share is nothing new. The only things that seem to change are the companies changing the way that operations are relocated and the countries that manage to attract capital inflows.

In this context, Vietnam has benefitted in attracting investors due to several factors including demographics, political climate, free trade agreements,…, gaining an advantage over others.

Vietnam is a large and diverse country with several industries thriving. In this context, you can look at four industrial clusters primed for a supply chain shift as well as opportunities it presents for investors.

  • Garment and textile cluster
  • Automotive cluster
  • Electronic clusters
  • Food, beverage and feed processing cluster


It is important for a company to clearly define what specifically they are looking for in a sourcing partner in Vietnam and what they expect from the area where that partner is located. Important specifics for most companies would include:

  • What type of products are being sourced
  • The level of experience required (technical, etc)
  • Finance ability of the potential partner
  • Relevant state/local legislation
  • Existence/quality of supporting industries (how will the supply chain work?) and
  • Quality of infrastructure/transportation systems in the area where the potential partner is located.

Of course, there are other less official ways of finding a sourcing partner such as through personal introductions, client referrals, and other types of internal connections.

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Human resources development

Study abroad

Why do Vietnamese students want to study abroad?

Findings reveal that the primary reason why Vietnamese students want to study abroad is because of parents’ demands and English higher education qualifications. Secondly, it is because they want to achieve better qualifications to improve job prospects.

Reasons to study abroad: Increased job opportunities, multicultural knowledge and experience, training in a new language.

PhD and Master abroad

In an increasingly changing and competitive labor market, continuous training and a higher level of specialization are required. For this reason, many professionals and students have begun to expand their academic frontiers and choose to pursue postgraduate studies abroad in order to have more tools to face the new challenges of the current context.

Reasons to study a postgraduate degree abroad: It will increase your professional networks, prepare you for a much higher level of demand, perfect a foreign language.

Skilled labor export

As other countries and territories reopened their borders to welcome foreign workers, the labor export market in Vietnam is seeing positive signals of recovery and is forecasted to develop strongly in the coming time.

The labor market in developed labor-demanding countries has changed a lot in recent times, with a tendency to look for high skilled workers, apply strict requirements and demand more vocational training from trainees. Nowadays, in addition to learning the language of the country where they will go and acquiring knowledge, trainees must receive a high-quality training program provided by masters or senior specialists.

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