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Technology is a key driver of business value and competitive advantage in the digital era

The global team of technology specialists at ManuD Group helps clients to implement technology solutions that meet current and future demands. We facilitate your organization’s digital evolution, safeguard your competitiveness, and fuel your growth in an increasingly complex landscape.

Companies are starting to see real impact from the technology transformations. Some companies realize new revenue streams, most of them got impact on increasing existing revenue streams and even more report impact on reducing costs.

Tecnología en la Industria


The global industry has begun a recovery process with some key changes and trends such as digital acceleration, sustainability, and collaborative innovation. It is evolving towards digital, agile, green models and based on closer inter-sectoral partnerships to cope with volatile and uncertain environments ahead.

From our structure in Vietnam offer some alternatives,

  • EMS Vietnam (Electronic Manufacturing Services)
    • Surface Mount Technology (SMT)
    • Test & Inspection Systems
    • Supply Chain Management
    • Information Systems: ERP, MES, PLM


Next generation care management, health for all, consolidated care delivery, and reform efforts are among the trends that may shape healthcare in the years ahead. We help healthcare providers and leaders create Change that Matters by making healthcare better, more affordable, and more accessible for people.

Different solutions can be supplied by ManuD, s.l. or ManuD Vietnam JSC, to cover several areas or equipment,

  • Medical Software
  • Equipment,
    • Physiotherapy
    • ICU
    • Aesthetics
Tecnología en la Salud


Ground-breaking changes are expected to occur between now and 2030, leading to a revolution in the agricultural sector. For decades, governments and large organizations have focused on food availability, seeking to make all staple foods of our diet accessible at all times of the year. Forecasts for agriculture in the future predict that the most significant changes will consist in:

  • New crops to meet new dietary trends
  • Solutions to fight climate change
  • New technologies that could soon become affordable for everyone

With our partners provide solutions for,

  • Irrigations
  • Technification and modernization of sustainable agriculture
  • Industrial solutions for a first transformation of agricultural products
  • Producer groups in cooperatives

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