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We are a company dedicated to providing innovative services and exceptional solutions. At the intersection of technology and services, we bring creative ideas to life and deliver unique experiences.

We constantly explore emerging opportunities in the world of commerce. With cutting-edge strategies and technology, we seek to maximize investments and optimize operations.

Excellence is our standard and we strive to exceed expectations, providing quality services and technology solutions that make a difference.


Business Area


Technology is a key driver of business value and competitive advantage in the digital era. ManuD Group helps clients to implement technology solutions that meet current and future demands


Our professional services make available the knowledge and skills of our employees, often on an assignment basis, where an individual or team is responsible for the delivery of services to the client.


We are an international trading company specialists covering all export and import operations. We connect Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia with the European Union.

The Group

ManuD Group serves different market sectors through several companies created since 2008

The changes that have occurred since the beginning of its trajectory in the economy and health, which have had a decisive impact on economies, consumption patterns and daily life, in all areas of society and industry, forced us to react in order to maintain our business pulse and continue on our path.

As a result, we have been opening opportunities in different business activities that make us continue to believe that the commitment and effort always pay off.

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