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In recent times, many consumer electronic products have become reliant on digital technologies and in some cases have merged with equipment from the computer industry – particularly with regards to the ability to connect to the Internet, in what is increasingly being marketed as ‘smart home’ technology.

‘White goods’ is still a term used to differentiate these larger household appliances, although invariably they rely on electronics and are aimed at the domestic consumer market.

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Smart Home

Smart home devices are suitable for a home setup where devices can be automatically controlled distantly from any Internet-connected place in the world, using a mobile or other networked device. A smart home has its devices connected through the Internet, and the customer can regulate functions, such as security access to the house, temperature, lighting, and home theater.

The Smart Homes Market segmented by Product Type includes Comfort and Lighting, Control and Connectivity, Energy Management, Home Entertainment, Security, Smart Appliances.


Working from home? You need to perfect your desk lighting. Good lighting helps you concentrate – and reduces eye fatigue. That’s why good lighting conditions are so important when working, reading or studying from home.

Good LEDs usually achieve good performance. Halogen lamps are closest in value to daylight but should only be used for short periods of time. Daylight is usually not sufficient to illuminate a home office or desk. A good complement is an LED desk lamp.

As a basic rule, indirect room light should be combined with direct light in your study or at your desk. Ideally, the lights should be dimmable. Ambient or background light is important.

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Wireless charging technology enables wireless power transfer from a power source (e.g., a charger)to a load (e.g., a mobile device) across an air gap. The technology provides convenience and better user experience. Using wireless charging as many benefits. It improves user-friendliness as the hassle from connecting cables is removed.

Different brands and different models of devices can also use the same charger. It provides better product durability (e.g., waterproof and dustproof) for contact-free devices. It enhances flexibility, especially for the devices that replacing their batteries or connecting cable for charging is costly, hazardous, or infeasible (e.g., body-implanted sensors). Wireless charging can provide on-demand power, avoiding an overcharging problem and minimizing energy costs.

Audio and Cams

Wireless headphones are also known as cordless, Bluetooth, or radiofrequency (RF) use electromagnetic signals instead of cables for listening to music from your smart devices such as iPhones, televisions, laptops, and much more. 

Home security cameras staying connected helps you protect your family, pets, and home. Modern home security cameras boast things like easy set-up, integration with smart lighting, and the ability to monitor from a smartphone.

And if you’re looking for a good high-resolution, mountable, rugged waterproof camera to take on your next incredible outing, we can help you find the best action camera for your needs.

Household Appliances

Smart technology and the transition to more energy-efficient appliances are shaping the Household Appliances market which is divided into two segments: Major Appliances and Small Appliances. 

The Small Appliances segment is the largest segment, and it includes subsegments such as Mixers, Roasters, Coffee Machines, Microwave Ovens and others. Significant factors in the steady growth of the Small Appliances segment are higher consumer demand and a higher quality of life. In addition, in recent years, consumers have become more willing to buy more high-quality and performing equipment.

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